One great piece of advice we received as we prepared to open was to investigate restaurants nearby and ones that are similar in concept to Frank’s Kitchen. What do they do well? What can we borrow? What do they do that we don’t want to do?

So we did a little reconnaissance. Most of the places we visited were quick service and all definitely casual. We had some good food and we’re encouraged that we will bring our own unique flavor and value to customers.

Here’s a list of some restaurants. If you haven’t been, check them out.

Tom’s Home Cookin, 800 E. 26th Ave., just west of Frank’s in the Five Points neighborhood.

KJ’s Coffee Bar, 1710 E. 25th Ave., around the corner and one block over from Frank’s and also in the Whittier neighborhood.

M&D’s Cafe, 2000 E. 28th Ave., a couple of blocks from Frank’s.

Bogey’s on the Park, 2500 York St., inside the City Park Golf Course clubhouse, just east of Frank’s at 26th and York.

Bourbon Grill, 1618 E. Colfax Ave.

Deluxe Burger, 5325 E. Colfax Ave.

Lark Burger, 340 E. Alameda Ave., one of five locations, also in Boulder, Edwards and Fort Collins. 

Billy’s Gourmet Hot Dogs, 2445 Larimer St., in Denver’s Ball Park neighborhood.

 Chicago, 6680 W. Colfax, Ave., Lakewood.


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2 Responses to Recon

  1. Patrick says:

    Don’t forget the Welton Street Cafe !

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