Breakfast, anyone?

The faded greImageen sign  with the coffee cup logo in our parking lot tells the story. When we opened Frank’s Kitchen in May, 2011, we were a breakfast-lunch joint. We opened at 7 am and closed at 3 pm. We did that for two weeks before pulling the plug on this idea. New to the neighborhood and with little, well, actually, no advertising, no one knew we were here. By the second week,  neighbors were finding us, but showing up after 12 o’clock or as we were locking the doors at 3.

We made a quick decision to ditch breakfast and offer dinner as it seemed that was more of what the neighborhood wanted.

But we haven’t stopped thinking about breakfast. We used to serve egg burritos with cheese and housemade turkey chorizo.  We baked oatmeal and offered egg croissant sandwiches. This was when the Crested Butte sandwich was born _ two eggs, over easy, on a bed of hash browns, pastrami, lettuce, tomato and topped with Swiss cheese. on toasted rye.

We had a two-group espresso machine and  whipped up lattes and cappuccinos. We served Mr. Espresso coffee, oak-roasted beans from a northern California supplier. We’ve since swapped the espresso machine for a Coca-Cola fountain machine and kept only the Crested Butte on our menu.

What if we brought all that back, along with pancakes and waffles?

What do you think? Should we bring breakfast back? Is this what the neighborhood wants? What is a good time to open? 7 AM? 8 AM?

Tell us what you think. Please cast your vote!


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2 Responses to Breakfast, anyone?

  1. I would love to have a morning place to go for a good egg sandwich. Everyone has breakfast burritos (though some not so good) but good egg sandwiches are hard to find.

  2. Emily Hoch says:

    We love Frank and Dina and have been using Frank’s Kitchen Catering for 3 meetings a month since they opened in 2011. Everyone enjoys the variety and I appreciate their service and dedication to doing it right EVERY time. I have worked with several local vendors for catering and after using Frank’s I don’t think I’ll need to go back to using anyone else. They offer sandwiches, sliders, salads, and on occasion we will get the jerk chicken or southwest meatloaf. We are very thankful to have Frank’s here in town!!

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