Change, already

Every consultant, every how-to-business book, every restaurant owner I ever interviewed stressed the importance of customer feedback. We’re feeling that now. In the past week and a half, all we’ve been doing is listening to customers. Leaning over the counter and asking just about every person who comes in what do they think. What do they like? What would they change? And now we’re making a major shift in our business model.

Breakfast is out. Well, at least breakfast HOURS are out. We’re keeping the egg sandwiches and burritos on the menu. You can order them any time. Starting Memorial Day, we’ll be serving lunch and dinner. We’ll be open from 11  am to 7 pm
Monday through Thursday,  11 am  to 5 pm Fridays, and 10 am to 4 pm Sundays. We’ll be closed Saturday.

The majority of folks we’ve talked to say they are more inclined to buy food at dinnertime rather than breakfast. We’ve had some people say they came by after 5 pm and were disappointed to find us closed.

We are also still getting quite a few people calling after 4 pm or coming in the door even, looking for the old Far East restaurant, even though it closed seven months ago.  We think we can be another alternative to Chinese food, or pizza, or fast food.  Frank is working on a dinner menu with items to go for a set price. Maybe the smoked beef brisket, slaw and potatoes, or the jerk chicken with coconut rice and fried plantains. Or the weekly special may also make a good dinner to go, for two or family of four.  We’ll add those to the menu shortly.

We also have decided to reprint the menu with the tax included in the prices. Customers seemed surprised to find they have to dig back in their pocket for change for their $2 espresso. Now it’s a straight $2.25. We rounded the tax off  in 25 cent increments to keep it simple. We think the new pricing is much more streamlined. What you see is what you get. No surprises.

I’m not too nervous about these changes, as we are still early in the game. If customers like them, we’ll find out soon enough. We’re all ears and not afraid to adapt and change.


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