The Weeks in Review

In the News

The past four weeks were amazing. We had four positive reviews in four local publications _5280, Westword, the Denver Post and the Onion.

The first review caught us by surprise, but we were more suspicious by the time the final reviewer showed up. Restaurant reviewers never announce themselves to make sure they get treated like everyone else. But I did uncover the reviewer from the Post. He came the night of our first Wednesday Dinner special _ the Don’s Southwestern Meatloaf.

Westword magazine sent its photographer that night and a few family members came out in support. Some of our regulars showed up, as well as new customers interested in the meatloaf.  It turned into one of those crowded crazy nights in the dinning room with lots of chatter and laughter.

The Post’s William Porter ended up in a seat right in front of the takeout window where I hang out.  I caught him taking notes and deduced he was a restaurant reviewer. I asked him and he confessed. He had already been served and eaten, so there was no opportunity to give him any special treatment.

So, if I had some advice on how to attract reviewers, I’d share it. All I know is: be ready. You’ll be ready if you do at least two things: Treat every customer equally well and be as consistent as possible with the food quality.

Equality _ There are more than 3,500 restaurants in Colorado. Metro Denver customers have a wide range of options. Times are tough. Wallets are thin. We’re grateful when people choose to spend their hard earned money at Frank’s. We want every customer to enjoy his or her experience and leave satisfied.

Quality  _ The reviewers made multiple visits but didn’t try everything on the menu, but we like to think they would have enjoyed every dish, no matter what time or what day they visited.

We’re humbled and thrilled with the positive press as well as reviews by everyday people on  In our first six months we earned a ranking of 4 ½ stars out of 5 stars on Yelp. We credit all the good news to staying focused on our main goal  _ to be a friendly, neighborhood joint offering a real value on real food. Or as Laura Shunk from Westword wrote: “food for the soul.”


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Quality craftsmanship, integrity, honesty. We take pride in our work.
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